Bringing outdoor experiential education to students, home learners, educators, and schools in Metro Vancouver and beyond.

Who are we?

Like you, we believe that students thrive by getting outside and connecting with their local communities. We are not an official ‘school’, nor a brick-and-mortar program, but rather an outside-the-box service driven to be the Rebels Against the Boring.

We weave the wonders and the best of nature, community, and experiential learning into your child’s educational and life journey. The outside classroom is boundless. Learning is constant. To us, resilience building, fostering curiosity, fortifying one’s dignity, and instilling hope are foundational to a learner’s journey.

We will work with your family, school, and/or organization to custom-design a program that fits your needs, budget and curriculum goals.

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Group of students wearing backpacks walking on trail through forest

Fieldschool 2024–2025

Experiential, immersive, adaptive, child-centred, out-of-the-box, rebellious, adventurous, and guided by our collective wonder.

Fieldschool is a flexible, cutting-edge program designed help young people build outdoor, social, life, and creative skills. We specialize in:

  • Outdoor experiential education
  • Performing arts
  • Life & social skill-building
  • Community projects
  • Environmental/climate change stewardship.

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Juniors: 4–7 (co-ed; 20 kids maximum)
Seniors: 8–13 (co-ed; 20 kids maximum)
*14+ program launching May 2024! Contact us for details.

September 3, 2024–Jun 12, 2025
Tue–Thu + an optional “Thank God It’s Friday” session

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Liam Barnes

Liam Barnes

Director of VOS and VYLC

Introducing VYLC!

Four years ago, we created VOS to fill a gap socialization and outdoor learning opportunities for Vancouver’s home learners. This year, we create VYLC to fill in a gap for supporting Vancouver youth gaining the knowledge, skills training, and opportunities they need to become leaders in their communities.

VYLC is for youths from 13–25 who are looking for a program that emphasizes dynamic and holistic leadership mentoring opportunities, from outdoor expeditions to climate science education to entrepreneurship workshops.

Click here to visit the VYLC website and learn more!


Programs for Schools

Vancouver Outdoor School works with teachers, schools, organizations, and communities to pre-built or custom-designed programs that fit their needs, budget and curriculum goals. Our field studies immerse students in the wonders of nature-based experiential learning at local parks, schoolyards, forests, hiking trails, beaches and lakes. We offer day, overnight, and custom programs for all seasons.

Overnight School Trips

Teenage boy paddling canoe on Vancouver coast at sunset
If you don’t have an established outdoor experiential education program at your school, we are here to help! We can connect your core competencies with a guided overnight outdoor experience while offering a fun and skill-centred school trip for your students. Overnight experiences can range from canoeing on the Sunshine Coast to hiking and biking at Whistler.

Check out our selection of overnight trips or contact us to book your class’ day program now!

Full-day School Trips

Student practicing a parkour move in a Vancouver park

For our day programs, we offer a combination of usually two or three pre-designed outdoor experiential education workshops. These workshops offer a wide variety of fun and creative outdoor activites, ranging from parkour to outdoor cooking Iron Chef competitions to creating all-natural toothpaste and lip-balm.

Check out our selection of workshops or contact us to book your class’ day program now!

Custom Programs

Got something specific in mind that no pre-made program quite matches? Tell us about it! VOS is happy to keep things flexible and support your unique idea for a fun, dynamic outdoor experience.

Contact us and with your idea and we’ll work with you to help you build your dream program!

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Vancouver Outdoor School is thrilled to be partnered with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Canada as an Awards Centre!

Whether you’re looking for a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award, we’ll walk you through the process and connect you to our sister company Fireside Adventures many exciting offerings for all your Adventurous Journey needs.

Click here to learn more about the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award process, how we support you, and to see our deals.

World Bound: 21-day Climate Leadership Expeditions

Our sister company, Fireside Adventures, is now offering its signature series: World Bound. This experience combines climate change education, outdoor leadership, and Fireside’s usual dynamic adventures.

A group of World Bound youths smiling in Venice
World Bound: Italy | Ages 15–18

Aug 1–21, 2024 (21 days)

A breathtaking adventure in the Alps and the Dolomites – a stunning yet peaceful region with pristine lakes and quaint little farms scattered among towering mountain peaks. Challenge yourself and your group to produce less than 50% of the average traveller’s carbon footprint while camping, sleeping in huts, and working with shepherds.

An anime image of a group of young people exploring a Japanese town with Mount Fuji in the background
World Bound: Japan | Ages 13–18

Jun 30–Jul 20 & Jul 23–Aug 12, 2024

Walking among ancient shrines along the Samurai road, participating in a sunrise ceremony on the peak of Mount Fuji, and then taking a bullet train to train like an astronaut at the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency. From the endless skyscrapers of Tokyo to the Japanese Alps, from the historic back streets of Kyoto to the peace memorials of Hiroshima, encounter everything that makes Japan unique!

A young woman paddles a canoe down the Yukon River on a sunny day
World Bound: Canada | Age 13–18

July 01–21 & July 23–Aug 12, 2024

Starting in Vancouver, we’ll journey to the Sunshine Coast to improve our canoeing amidst forests and seals, possibly whales. Then, heading to Whitehorse, we embark on a 400km canoe trip down the Teslin and Yukon Rivers, exploring Gold Rush ruins, Indigenous cultures, and encountering wildlife such as bears and moose.

Our friends & community partners

Our friends & community partners