About Vancouver Outdoor School

Making learning in the outdoors an option for every student, teacher, and school in

the Lower Mainland.

We are professional educators and experienced guides that offer pre-designed packages or customized programs based on your budget and goals. We deliver these learning experiences in the classroom, neighbourhood, at a traditional camp or as an overnight expedition. Core Competencies are met for any grade, and there will always be direct communication with you, the parents and the administrators. 

 Our Belief Statements


  • We believe learning needs to be flexible, intentional, student-centred and inspiring.
  • We believe that curriculum needs to relevant and experiential.
  • We believe the earth is the greatest teacher and classroom.
  • We believe you are never too young to be a steward of the earth, and a responsible citizen.
  • We believe kids, families and adults should play, learn, and explore in the outdoors, while learning to respect each other and the world.
  • We believe we are responsible for making the world a better place through service, education and being. Whether this means picking up litter, or performing random acts of kindness, we fuel our learning days with caring.
  • We believe are all connected spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally.
  • We believe Indigenous people have rightful title to the land and to their culture. We also believe we have much to learn from Indigenous people, and their thousands of years of teaching and sharing experience.
  • We believe you have an entire lifetime to be an adult and a short time to be a kid. That’s why we strive to provide kids (and adults, too!) with the ultimate “kid experience!”

Upcoming Opportunities:

Invite the VOS team to visit your school!

We’ll ask questions about your outdoor education needs and wishes, assess your facilities and brainstorm programming options with you. Contact info@vancouveroutdoorschool.com to arrange a time.

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