Pageheader2-howesoundcampsuzuki-kriskrugWe’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Summer camp isn’t just for kids!

So agrees the David Suzuki Foundation who on April 2 launched Camp Suzuki, a three-part program combining summer camp with volunteer experience to prepare young adults aged 18-30 to be champions of the Howe Sound region.

And the Vancouver Outdoor School is pleased to be supporting it!

From August 9-14, 2015, about 55 young adults will gather for five days at Camp Fircom to immerse in the unforgettable fun of outdoor summer camp. Mornings will be spent learning about the amazing ecosystems in the region, both from Western-based science and traditional knowledge held by the Squamish First Nation. In the evenings, participants will learn the hard skills needed to be successful conservation leaders.

After camp, the participants will apply their newfound skills and knowledge through a six-month, part-time placement with a local community organization that works for the betterment of Howe Sound.

Once their placements are complete in about February, participants will be invited back to camp for a celebratory reunion to share their experiences, solidify their connections with the region and with each other, and get excited about Camp Suzuki 2016!

Visit here to find out more about Camp Suzuki or to apply as a participant by May 15, 2015.

Community organizations looking for Camp Suzuki volunteers should contact Kyle Empringham at