Elementary Field School Program

100% outdoor full-time learning for ages 6-12 with one overnight educational experience per month.

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Our Elementary Field School Program is an outdoor, out-of-the-box solution for families exploring education through a homeschooling lens. Our approach is flexible and adaptive to meet each individual learner and family’s needs, interests and ways of learning.

We are not an official “school” but a program and service provider for schools and parents. For your learner to meet Ministry of Education requirements, we prefer your learner is connected to a Distributed Learning provider (DL) or school. We will then work with your DL/School to ensure that our Field School outdoor learning experiences sync up with your child’s educational requirements.

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To emphasize connection to community, Field School is divided into local ‘Hubs’.

Each Hub has its own local VOS parent advisors who co-design learning content and lead parent support.

Each Hub has its own unique “vibe” rooted in its community’s unique learning topics, spaces and activities.

Port Moody

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Delta/South Surrey

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Includes one instructor (1:6 ratio), all learning curriculum, VOS shuttle service, monthly overnight experiences (incl. meals, equipment accommodations, supervision, transportation) and admission.

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4-5 days/week

September 7 to December 17

$1375* + GST 

Per month ($85 per day)

*Special rate, expires June 30 

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3 days/week

Tuesday to Thursday
September 7 to December 17

$1105* + GST 

Per month ($100 per day)

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10% Sibling discount. Fees are charged per semester. We accept monthly payments with a $500 deposit renewed each semester. If you need help with subsidizing our fees, please contact our office.

“Field School is the village that modern-day life has lost. A place where children get to be children, where the full spectrum of their needs are met (not just the academic ones) and where parents feel fully supported and integrated into the learning process.”

Jane Stark, VOS Parent

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A Typical Day at Field School


Parents drop learners off at our meeting spot. We form a welcome circle and complete a wellness check-in with each Learner and staff.


Late morning
Nature exploration and games followed by a snack and nutrition lesson. We then begin learning activities related to our monthly learning theme.

Outdoor skills lesson, followed by lunch, then a siesta and ‘sit spot’ where Learners enjoy a moment of quiet time alone.

Led Outdoor Activities (LOA). We finish our day with a closing circle, reflect upon our time together and await parent pick-up back at our meeting spot.


Core Learning Competencies

Community Stewardship

Nutritional and Physical Literacy

Outdoor Skills

Grade level academics

Overnight expeditions

Positive Peer Relationship Building

Social-Emotional Learning and Resilience

Risk Management and Adventure Play

Bi-monthly “home building” projects

Arts, Crafts, Music and Imaginative Play

Field School Educational Pillars

We strive to provide these foundational experiences:

Land-Based Wellness and Self Care

Climate Change Education and outdoor Leadership

Opportunity for Creative Expression

Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity

Day and Overnight Experiences Each Month

Classroom Settings: Forests to Oceans to Mountains to Rivers to Parks

Monthly Learning Themes

Each month, we follow a different learning theme that is based on combining our core competencies with the interestes of our learners, instructors, and what each Hub’s community has to offer.

For more detailed information on your Hub’s learning themes and more, refer to your Hub’s Welcome Package in the ‘locations’ section above.

September: Unleashing the Wonder
Focus: Outdoor skills, teamwork, risk management

October: Harvesting the Wisdom
Focus: Positive peer relationship building, STEM design projects, food and physical literacy. 

November: Harnessing Holistic Wellness
Focus: Nutrition literacy, community stewardship, mindfulness, budgeting, climate change education.

December: Putting in the Work
Focus: Woodworking and whittling, arts, crafts, and imaginative play.