How does my child get to camp?

You drop your children off at the meeting location on the first day of camp.

What kind of transportation is used to get to the various locations?

If there is transportation needed during the week, we’ll be taking transit, walking, or riding our camp bus (all of which are covered by your camp fees).

What kind of qualifications do the staff have?

The counsellors and senior staff at camp have years of experience in camp life, education, and/or environmental studies. These staff come with a variety of qualifications and skill sets that we recruited and interviewed.

Can I come see camp with my child?

Unfortunately, we do not allow visits from parents to the campsite as it would be disruptive to the campers experience at camp. This program is an opportunity for your child to have an independent experience and opportunity to connect with others. You are welcome to follow us on our Facebook page as we will be posting daily updates.

What happens if my child gets homesick?

Our staff are trained to manage homesickness. It often happens on the first night. We run high energy programming on the first day to tire campers out — they often don’t stay awake feeling homesick that first night.

Through our years of camp experience, we have found that kids that talk with their parents while at camp are immediately comforted but become more homesick a few hours later. For this reason, we rarely allow campers to call home. If it seems like the only option, your child’s counsellor will call you first and brief you on the situation beforehand.

How can I contact my child while they are at camp?

Registered guardians/parents will be provided with a camp cell phone number, where we can be reached during the week of camp, in the event of an emergency.

My child has food allergies and/or dietary restrictions. What will they eat?

Please ensure that you list all of your child’s allergies on their registration form. If we have any questions, we will contact you to clarify prior to camp. We can accommodate most allergies and dietary restrictions. If your child has multiple dietary restrictions (e.g. celiac AND vegan), we may ask you to send bread and some snacks along with them.

My child has a disability/medical condition/wets the bed and I’m worried that they will be teased if other children find out.

All medical/behavioural information is kept in confidence. It will be shared with the camp registrar who processes the registration, the camp director, and your child’s counsellors. This information will not be available to other campers or to counsellors who are not working directly with your child.

How do I know if my child is ready for camp?

Kids can start coming to overnight camp as early as 5 years old. It depends on how comfortable your child is being away from home. Have they gone on sleepovers in the past? Are they excited about the prospect of coming to camp?

There are lots of things you can do to help prepare them for camp. Read through the Welcome Package with them, have them help pack their bags, and have a day without screens to help ease them into a technology-free week.

What kinds of safety precautions do you take at camp?

All program areas are up to industry standard safety regulations. There is a designated camp nurse and first aid attendants on site at all times.


What is the food like?

The food is the best! We will give you mostly vegetarian food throughout the week with the option of turkey and chicken as meat options. All meals have healthy options.  Since you’ll be outside a lot, you’ll be given water for each meal as well. All of our snacks are healthy and homemade.

Can I stay with my friend/cousin/brother?

Absolutely! Just make sure your parent(s) or guardian(s) list the name of the person you want to stay with on your form. If your friend is several years older or younger than you, you may be in a cabin with kids that aren’t your age. Talk with your parents about how this will feel.

Where do we sleep?

If you join us for an overnight camp, you will either stay in a cozy indoor cabin/lodge or be tenting outdoors. We’ll send you a Welcome Package to read over, to ensure you pack appropriately for all weather conditions.

What do we get to do?

So many things!  At all of our camps, you’ll get a chance to hike, swim, and explore!  If you join us for Forest Camp, you’ll get a chance to learn real cooking skills! At Galiano Island Discovery, you’ll be canoeing and sleeping under the stars. Everyday is different, and we know you’ll have a blast at any or all of our camps!

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