Field School FAQ

How does your partnership with Kleos Open Learning and Nenno Behavioural Consulting work? If I sign up with Field School, am I also signed up with them?

No. We just work closely with Kleos and Nenno so that they are familiar with our Field School model and ready to work around it. We also vouch for their services as they are in line with our overall approach to education. To access their services, you need to register with them separately.

Click here to contact Kleos Open Learning
Click here to contact Nenno Behavioural Consulting

My family is already working with a DL. Do we need to switch to Kleos?

No. We just recommend their services and collaborate with them directly to ensure that our Field School syncs up with your child’s educational requirements. They’re the best fit!

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The Field School fee seems like a lot to me. Why does VOS charge what they do?

For those moving from the tax-based public brick-and-mortar system to a more progressive independent outdoor learning program, our pricing may initially create a lump in your throat. We get it! Read our pricing statement to learn what’s behind our fee.

I have registered and paid the $250.00 deposit, how do I pay the rest of the program fee?

Once you paid the $250.00 deposit, please sign in to your registration account and click on “View Details”. If you are using a desktop, the Finance section will be on the right side. For phone users, the Finance section will be at the bottom of the page. Click on “Make Payment” and type in the maximum amount. This applies to all attendance options.

Do you offer instalment options for the program fee?

Yes, but only to the full semester option. The program fee will be broken down into three installments with each payment due at the beginning of each month. We only do this with the assumption that parents will commit to the full semester.

A reminder about the payment due dates:

  • Full semester (3 months): program fee is due upon registration.
  • Monthly: program fee is due the day before the month your Learner starts.
What if my Learner was not a “readied fit” for the program and we had to discontinue the service? What is your refund/withdrawal policy about that?

If Field School is not the best program for your Learner or they need more support that could be found elsewhere, we can refund if we fill up your Learner’s spot. We can refund the program fee (minus the non-refundable $250 deposit) as long as we fill the spot minus the weeks they attended and the weeks that the spot was not filled.

What is the staff to learner ratio?


What is your approach with Learners with identified learning and behavioural challenges?

At Field School, our instructors have years of experience in working with Learners with a variety of needs. With the small-group-sized model, Field School instructors really have the space to understand the Learner’s challenges and to provide support. Our instructors lead outdoor programming in concert with a BC Certified Kleos teacher who designs the program with each parent based on their Learner’s needs along with our outdoor programs. Please review our learner and parent Benchmark Expectations.

I am not sure if I wanted to commit to the full semester, or to full-time weekly enrolment.. Any suggestions?

We understand that there can be uncertainty with the transition or when to join a new program. Please contact us at to learn more about our current approach to alternative enrolment schedules.

What do the parent advisors do?

  • Lead family and learner recruitment.
  • Advise the VOS team of opportunities, incoming challenges, parent stakeholder
  • Perspective and FS strategic growth
  • Periodically visit pods and supporting FS staff
  • Parent liaison and troubleshooting (taking a lead on communication with parents)
  • Share ideas and giving feedback for improvement to VOS, Kleos and Nenno
Will this 'unconventional' schooling make it harder for my child to transition into a more conventional university and career?

Absolutely not. In our ever-changing society, it’s impossible to predict what careers and academic options our children will choose from when they are adults. However, the skills we teach in our experiential curriculum are timeless. All of our learning is underpinned by social, emotional and life skills where our learners learn to make decisions for themselves at a young age. For those with similar questions about Distributed Learning, check out our partner Kleos’ student success stories.