Primary Field School

100% outdoor learning for children grades K-3. Full-day, Monday to Thursday.

We are not an official “school” but a full-time program designed to work alongside schools and parents. Click here to learn more.

Our primary program is an inclusive, adventurous educational experience driven by wonder.

Inspired by Reggio Emilia and the Forest School Movement, we designed a program where life skills grow naturally through play, experiential learning and social-emotional connection.

Our learning is organised into monthly themes and season-long semesters. Our groups are dynamic and mobile, allowing us to explore the Lower Mainland’s best outdoor spaces.


To emphasize connection to community, Field School is divided into local ‘Hubs’.

Each Hub has its own local VOS parent advisors who co-design learning content and lead parent support.

Each Hub has its own unique “vibe” rooted in its community’s unique learning topics, spaces and activities.

Port Moody

Open for September registration! Sign up in the ‘fees’ section below.

Read the Port Moody Primary Welcome Package and Timetable for more details:

Welcome Package

Fall Timetable


Open for September registration! Sign up in the ‘fees’ section below.

Read the Vancouver Primary Welcome Package and Timetable for more details:

Welcome Package

Fall Timetable

Delta/South Surrey

For the Fall semester, learners have the attendance options to Primary Field School in Vancouver or Port Moody. 

If you would like to have an Experience day in the other two HUBS, let us know!

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Includes one instructor (1:6 ratio), all learning curriculum, VOS shuttle service, and admission.

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behind our pricing.

3 days/week

Tuesday to Thursday

(8:30 AM – 3:15 PM)

Sept 7 – Dec 16, 2021 (Fall semester)

$110* /day

(24 days in total)

*plus GST

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2 days/wk

Tuesday to Thursday

(8:30 AM – 3:15 PM)

Sept 7 – Dec 16, 2021 (Fall semester)

$135* /day

(16 days in total)

*plus GST


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1 day/wk

Tuesday to Thursday

(8:30 AM – 3:15 PM)

Sept 7 – Dec 16, 2021 (Fall semester)

$135* /day

(8 days in total)

*plus GST


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10% Sibling discount. Fees are charged per semester. If you need help with an installment plan, please contact our office.

“My son went from only ever wanting to play LEGO in his room to a child full of joy and a newfound sense of adventure. Field School has ignited a part of my son I’ve never seen before and I am forever so grateful.”

Leanne Cederberg, VOS Parent

Explore Our Content

Core Learning Competencies

Community Stewardship

Nutritional and Physical Literacy

Plant Identification

Positive Peer Relationship Building

SEL+R (Social Emotional Learning and Resilience)

Risk Management and Adventure Play

Woodworking and Whittling

Arts, Crafts, Music and Imaginative Play

Outdoor Skills

Field School Educational Pillars

We strive to provide these foundational experiences:

Land-Based Wellness and Self Care

Climate Change Education and Outdoor Leadership

Opportunity for Creative Expression

Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity

Day and Overnight Experiences Each Month

Classroom Settings: Forests to Oceans to Mountains to Rivers to Parks

Field School Q&A

I am not sure if I wanted to commit to the full semester, or to full-time weekly enrolment.. Any suggestions?

We understand that there can be uncertainty with the transition or when to join a new program. Please contact us at to learn more about our current approach to alternative enrolment schedules.

The Field School fee seems like a lot to me. Why does VOS charge what they do?

For those moving from the tax-based public brick-and-mortar system to a more progressive independent outdoor learning program, our pricing may initially create a lump in your throat. We get it! Below, we will outline how Field School offers unparalleled value and benefits for our fee.

Fee rationale:

  • A Shared Investment Model for an Independent, Sustainable Program. Field School is a shared and reciprocal investment model where parents are investing in Field School to offer something unique and transformative for their learners. Our staff are also investing an incredible amount of resources, time and funding to support to revolutionize the field school movement. We wish we could utilize other revenue streams and funding models, but we believe that we will better provide the services our families truly need by staying financially independent and working to reduce costs fairly from there.
  • Priced to cover above living wages for instructors as we believe in being fair and equitable. We strive to hire the best instructors who are committed to the Field School movement and who are professional, adaptive, responsive and responsible while offering high-quality outdoor experiential programming each and every day. We won’t settle for less, nor will we lower our standards.
  • Priced per day at $85 to $100 per day or $10 to $12 per hour which falls within what most independent forest and outdoor learning programs are charging. Most of the competition offers 3-hour sessions per day – we offer full days (8:30 am – 3:30 pm) + prep time + parent follow up + staff training + more, including overnight experiences at least once per month for Intermediate learners (60 – 72 hours) and admission to field studies (i.e. swimming, archery lessons and more)

Our Fees = Unparalleled Benefits: You Get What You Pay For

  • Minimum of 450 hours of outdoor instruction per semester. We track our time as we want to maximize the experience and we know there is nothing like it in Canada.
  • We give our learners a minimum of 21 hours per week of outdoor experiential learning in the fields, forests, shorelines and mountains.
  • Overnights each month for Intermediate learners. There are currently no elementary school-age outdoor programs taking kids out each month to build resiliency, skills and more. Again …unique in Canada.
  • We cover the cost of a private van shuttle service when adventuring and exploring outside your community.
  • Fees are covered for swimming, skating, tubing, guest visitors and much more.
  • We provide after-hours support when things get tough at home and you need guidance.
  • Top shelf staff who are present, passionate, caring and show up ready to share their wisdom and positive energy.
  • Easy online registration and payment.
  • Daily learning journeys, photos and videos: you will wish you were part of your learner’s adventure.

Fee Comparisons: We Did Our Math, We Want You To Do The Same

  • We are not a babysitter or child care service – our fees reflect the intensity and focus we provide for your kids. That said, babysitters charge $10+ per hour – so you are getting a deal, not a steal.
  • Average full-day child care services charge anywhere from $1200+ per month with a fraction of the magic we bring to the table.
  • We did our competitive analysis and we put something together truly unique, personal and professional. We also priced it to be fair and reasonable.

Last But Not Least, we work hard to provide Excellent Customer Service

What is your approach with Learners with identified learning and behavioural challenges?

At Field School, our instructors have years of experience in working with Learners with a variety of needs. With the small-group-sized model, Field School instructors really have the space to understand the Learner’s challenges and to provide support. Our instructors lead outdoor programming in concert with a BC Certified Kleos teacher who designs the program with each parent based on their Learner’s needs along with our outdoor programs. Please review our learner and parent Benchmark Expectations.

Will this 'unconventional' schooling make it harder for my child to transition into a more conventional university and career?

Absolutely not. In our ever-changing society, it’s impossible to predict what careers and academic options our children will choose from when they are adults. However, the skills we teach in our experiential curriculum are timeless. All of our learning is underpinned by social, emotional and life skills where our learners learn to make decisions for themselves at a young age. For those with similar questions about Distributed Learning, check out our partner Kleos’ student success stories.