Vancouver Outdoor School 

Field School Winter Semester


After nearly a year of isolation and semi-isolation, Covid-19 has made a tremendous impact on our children’s well being and a sense of belonging. Moreover, the raised concerns about personal safety in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic are shared by many parents who are considering homeschool and/or follow a transitional education plan with their school district.

We decided to offer a stop gap and/or evolving long-term solution for parents seeking something enriched, experiential and intrinsic for their learner. Our ultimate goal with each learner is to have them eventually return to school as more self-propelled, resilient and prepared learners. Our field school model is a continued pilot project with parents, community partners and the VOS team working together to provide an exceptional option and experience for a learner’s overall learning.

What is a Field School approach?

Vancouver Outdoor School Field School is a: mobile, inquiry-driven, immersive outdoor led, hands-on, adaptive & responsive to a learner’s multiple interests, family needs and shared goals.

We offer small groups learning opportunities where we visit natural wonders, follow outdoor experiential education (OEE) and fresh air learning.

We are all striving to promote a learner’s sense of curiosity, academic interest and becoming more self-propelled. We offer families an alternative option with a professionalized approach to outdoor learning and academic tutoring for children not ready to return to their schools or classrooms.

In consultation with the Outdoor Council of Canada and the BC Government, we will be following our Covid-19 Guidelines and the Public Health to keep our learners and everybody safe. For more information about our guidelines, please click here: VOS Covid-19 Guidelines.

Typical CLD Daily Break down (within Metro Vancouver Boundaries)

Core Learning Days (CLD): Tuesday to Thursday
Field School Time: 8am- 3:30pm

8:00 am – 9 am: Pick up + driving to learning location
9:00 am – 9:30 am: Welcome and set-up
9:30 am – 10:30 am: ‘In The Field” Tutoring (students following online or textbook curriculum provided by their home or homeschool). Wifi, mobile outdoor shelter and support will be provided to students to connect, learn and engage.
10:30am 10:45am: Snack time
10:45am – 12pm: Outdoor Skills Activity
12pm – 12:45pm: Lunch
12:45pm – 2:15pm: Outdoor Experiential Education Activities (i.e. hiking, bike tour, project based learning, paddling)
2:15pm – 2:30pm: Debrief
2:30pm – 3:15pm: Drop off

Winter Semester Monthly Core Learning Themes:

January – Environmental Outdoor Leadership Skills and Stewardship “Building Resiliency Through Skills Training and Embracing Stewardship”

February – Climate Change Education “Leading By Example While Walking The Talk”

March – Forest Design Thinking “Roots of Design and Nature”

Field School Winter Semester Information:

Grades: 1 to 6 

Tier 1: Semester Fees include:
  • Tuesday – Thursday instruction (+450 hours)
  • Experiential experiences 
  • 1 hour of study time per core learning day
  • Pick up and drop off (Richmond, Delta and Vancouver only at designated locations)
  • Administration fees
  • Two instructors
  • Outdoor equipment (tents, snowshoes, canoes)
  • Learning boxes (learner field book, handouts, basic school supplies)
  • Admission to activities
  • Daily updates through WhatsApp parent group
    *no tutoring support or adventure Friday
Tier 1 Fees:
  • Returning learner $4,000.00 + GST per semester, per learner ($100.00/day for Winter semester – not including GST)
  • New learner $4400.00 per semester, per learner
TIER 2: Semester Fees include:
  • Tuesday – Thursday instruction
  • 20 hours of tutoring per month (Evenings, Monday, Friday or Saturday). Tutoring can combine
    with another learner.
  • 2 Adventure Friday/Saturday per month (9:30am – 3:00pm)
  • 1 hour of study time per core learning day
  • Discount on VOS weekend clubs for friends and family
  • Experiential  experiences 
  • Pick up and drop off (Richmond, Delta and Vancouver only at designated locations)
  • Administration fees
  • Two educators
  • Outdoor equipment (tents, snow shoes, canoes)
  • Learning boxes (learner field book, handouts, basic school supplies)
  • Admission to activities
  • Daily updates through WhatsApp parent group
Tier 2 Fees:
  • $4989.00 + GST per semester per learner (returning learner rate)
  • $5389.00 + GST per semester per learner (new learner rate)

2021 Field School Fee Structure:

  • Monthly payments are accepted. If you are interested in only registering for the first month of the semester an additional fee of $399.00 will be charged to your account.
  • Siblings are given 35% discount off their registration.


Registration Process:


Step One – Contact Megan at to learn more about the field school’s winter and spring semesters. The best learning happens when we start off in building a direct and personable relationship with each other.

Step Two – Megan will arrange a home visit (as permitted by the PHO) by either Allie or Jeff for an official “meet and greet” to answer your questions and to learn more about your expectations.

Step Three – Our office will send you a link to our online registration system. You will need to register and pay for the first month. Megan is here to help you guide through the process.

Step Four – Our office will send you a welcome package, link to WhatsApp and you’ll get a call from us the evening before your learner starts the next day.

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”

– Henry David Thoreau


What we are not:

● We are not a certified school that can provide direct teaching to meet ministry standards. We are also not replacing traditional schools, as we believe they are excellent places to learn.
● We are not a glorified babysitting service or an extended summer day camp program.

However, we aim to work closely with parents who are homeschooling or providing distance learning and/or working directly with their child’s public school to support students staying on track with their academic needs. We noticed a gap in what the public school can offer this year and we would like to offer families an alternative to their children’s learning through an experiential learning approach.


The locations and activities are subject to change depending on the weather and the Coronavirus situation. We kindly ask parents and children for your flexibility and understanding as we will adapt and make changes as required for the safety of your children and our staff.

Other Resources:

1. For more information about our VOS Field School Overview, please click here: VOS Field School Winter and Spring Semester Overview

2. For more information about our COVID-19 Guidelines, please click here: VOS Covid-19 Guidelines

3. Day Program Guidelines:

We will be following the “COVID-19 PRINCIPLES AND EMERGING PRACTICES FOR BRITISH COLUMBIA SCHOOL AGE LED OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES”  guidelines established by the Outdoor Council of Canada. To read these guidelines, please click here.

In addition, we will also be following the BC Centre for Disease Control’s “COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for Child Care Settings”. These guidelines can be found here.