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Fieldschool Program: 2024–25

Wonder, wisdom, wellness, work

Full-day experiential learning for ages 4–13 with options Tue–Fri.

We strive to deliver excellence by specializing in:

  • Outdoor experiential education
  • Performing arts
  • Life & social skill-building
  • Community projects
  • Environmental/climate change stewardship.

We offer several consistent pickup locations in Vancouver, Richmond, Delta and Surrey, and a limited shuttle service. Contact us now to learn more!

Free “try-it-out” day or in-person consultation!

Limited time only: until we run out of enrolled spots! Come join spring and summer 2024

Juniors: 4–7 (co-ed; 20 kids maximum)
Seniors: 8–13 (co-ed; 20 kids maximum)
*14+ program launching May 2024! Contact us for details.

September 3, 2024–Jun 12, 2025
Tue–Fri, 9:00AM–3:30PM

(drop-off at Olympic Village)
Richmond (drop-off at Bridgeport)
Crescent Beach (shuttle from Van and Richmond)

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Liam Barnes

Liam Barnes

Director of VOS and VYLC

Our pillars and commitments for 2024–25

Fieldschool of the Performing Arts (NEW!)

Meet our new partner in the performing arts: The Star Project! With programs around the world, the Star Project is a respected, dynamic theatre program working with children and youth who are identified as neurodiverse, struggling with anxiety, or need an outlet to express their inner artist. This exciting partnership cements our commitment to fostering self-expression, creativity, and collaboration, which will culminate in a learner-led end-of-season community production!

Drama education

Introducing our beautiful base camp: Camp Alex (NEW!)

**Tuesday and Wednesday only… Thursday and Friday still at Olympic Village
Located just a few steps from Crescent Beach, Camp Alex is the perfect location for our home base. We provide a shuttle stopping in Vancouver (55 minutes to Camp Alex) and Richmond (35 minutes). 

Why Camp Alex? 2.5 private acres to focus on expressive arts and theatre production. Kitchen facilities to lean culinary skills. A quiet, safe neighbourhood with endless beach and forest. An indoor space to get away from the winter weather and a consistent location for project-based learning.

Alexandra House

Extra Support through Academic Tutoring (NEW!)

When our families talk, we listen. One of the consistent themes with our families has been ensuring that their learners are supported in their academics. To help with this, we are now collaborating with a certified teacher who will be providing academic tutoring on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, during Fieldschool hours. This is an optional, separate service for an additional fee. Contact us to learn more

Tutoring at VOS

Community Outdoor Experiential Education: Enter the Fieldschool-verse

We maintain long-standing collaborations with local experts, farms, businesses, artists, and even a reptile rescue sanctuary… all so that our kids learn real things from real people during real projects.

We focus on “outdoor literacy” and “street smarts”. We make sure our kids are prepared for anything, be it the weather, urban and wilderness navigation, physical literacy (parkour!), risk management, planning and goal-setting, local and Indigenous history, and so much more!

Outdoor Education

We maintain long-standing collaborations with Committing to Climate Education

Climate change is a real and serious challenge that our kids will have to navigate. We incorporate age-appropriate discussions, ideas, and lessons about climate change into our activities regularly. However, we approach climate change from a point of hope, showing learners how to take action rather than drowning them in doom and gloom.

Climate change education

Schedule and Learning Plan

2024–25 Calendar

Combined view of all programs from Vancouver Outdoor School and Fireside Adventures

2024–25 Significant Dates

First day, last day, holidays and more.

A Week at Fieldschool

Core Days (Tuesdays and Wednesdays)



During the day, the Junior and Senior cohorts will split off to participate in a performing arts or outdoor experiential education workshop. After lunch, the groups will switch to ensure the day’s experience is balanced and engaging. During the day, learners who have paid for tutoring will be taken aside for hour-long blocks of academic tutoring.

We offer several pick-up/drop-off points support Vancouver-based learners in getting to and from our Crescent Beach base camp, Camp Alex. Learners have the choice of several primary drop-off and pick-up locations. Depending on the cohort’s needs, we may offer a few additional shuttle stops along the way (contact us for shuttle info).

Into the Wild (Thursdays)



Thursdays will be full-on days of nature- and urban-based field trips across Vancouver, including hiking, paddle boarding, swimming, visiting museums, biking, and so much more!

To stay flexible, we offer two pick-up and drop-off locations that are easily accessible by transit and car.

Depending on group size, activity, and location preference, Juniors and Seniors may have a group day to bond and give the Seniors an opportunity to act as peer mentors.

Thank Goodness It’s Friday (Fridays)



These days are super fun and focused on recreational activities, socializing, and exploring our curiosity. These days aren’t mandatory and require a minimum of 10 kids to run.

To stay flexible, we offer two pick-up and drop-off locations. that are easily accessible by transit and car. Depending on the group, we may also arrange a different meet-up/drop-off point that is more accessible to everyone. This will be arranged prior to the session.

Important Information

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Fieldschool Registration and Fees

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Are you a home learner?

When it comes to meeting BC Curriculum requirements as home learner, we’re happy to support. We just need to know who you are working with in supporting your learner’s academics. Are you working with the learner’s home school, open learning or other?

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Some frequently asked questions

Where is Fieldschool and how do I get there?

To keep things flexible for learners across the Lower Mainland, there are a few locations and drop-off options depending on the day.

  • On our Core Days, we will all meet at our base camp at Camp Alex in Crescent Beach. For those who live close by, they can be dropped off there between 8:45 and 9:15. For those who live in Vancouver, there is an option to ride our “Magic School Bus” shuttle which will leave from Bridgeport Station at 8:30am. There is also an option to meet an instructor at Olympic Village Station at 8:15 to transit to the shuttle drop-off.
  • On our Into the Wild and Thank Goodness It’s Friday days, meeting places will depend on what drop-off and pick-up point is easier for you. The options are:
My learner is older than 13 but really wants to participate in Fieldschool, what are my options?

While older learners may not be able to join our Junior or Senior Fieldschool, we have several options through our sister companies.

Our Vancouver Youth Leadership Centre is an organization that supports Vancouver youth (13–25) in gaining the knowledge, skills training, and opportunities they need to become leaders in their communities. This program emphasizes dynamic and holistic leadership mentoring opportunities, from outdoor expeditions to climate science education to entrepreneurship workshops. Visit our website to learn more!

Fireside Adventures offers youths of all ages a wide variety of overnight outdoor expeditions ranging from day camps in Vancouver, to canoe trips in the Yukon, to climate education adventures in Ecuador, Japan, and Italy. Visit our website to learn more!


What other support can my learner get through VOS beyond Fieldschool?

We have a variety of Add-ons through VOS, including:

  • 1:1 life and social skill support through our Between the Trees mentorship program.
  • Academic tutoring through our in-house tutor
  • Additional strategic support from Fieldschool instructors and director
  • Admin support when applying for and accessing funding (ie. AFU)

Contact us to learn more about these options.