Kids overlooking Vancouver

What is Fieldschool? Our story…

Experiential, immersive, adaptive, child-centred, out of the box, rebellious, adventurous and guided by our collective wonder (and a little bit of rock and roll). 

Where it all began…

It all started 4 years ago during the pandemic. Many families from our sister company, Fireside Adventures, called us to ask “please take my kid outside, exploring, learning and socializing… they are driving me nuts!!”. So we said, “why not? We’d been creating dynamic outdoor experiences for 20 years…” why not do some field trips! And so Fieldschool was born. Good times… awesome stories and lots of laughs (and some tears)… but we really didn’t think Fieldschool would last more than four months. Pandemic over, back to regular life, right?

Four years and counting…

Well, four years later, we’re going stronger than ever. Fielsdschool is:

  • Tue–Fri, 8:30–3:30 (flexible enrollment options avaialable)
  • Consistent pickup and dropoff location but exploring a new place each day via foot, bike, bus, Skytrain, van, and once… dogsled.
  • Small-group (1:6 ratio) with a focus on relationships and real-world experiences. Helping kids grow their “street smarts”, sense of humour and sense of wonder about the world.
  • Dynamic, off-the-wall, experiential, all over Metro Vancouver and always out of left field
Photos of early Fieldschool

Fieldschool is still a black sheep, but over about 800 days of programming, we’ve learned countless tricks of the trade and discovered that:

  • Fieldschool is not a replacement for brick and mortar school but rather something different that can work alongside it.
  • Our model of learning is dynamite for learners who don’t fit in the box, are considered neurodiverse, and/or are just needing extra engagement, novelty and connection. Believe it or not, this came as a surprise to us.
  • We can offer 3–4 days a week for home learners while also offering drop-in availability for brick-and-mortar kids (surprisingly popular)
  • We can integrate custom and 1:1 support through our Between the Trees Mentorship program for learners who are needing additional support.

Where it’s all going next…

Over the last four years, Fieldschool has been in the process of discovering what our “jam” is. Early on, we knew we weren’t a brick-and-mortar school, but we also didn’t want to become pigeonholed as just another nature-based kids program. We want to be the “punk rock” of education. So, we have decided once again to shake up our status quo and double down on making Fieldschool even more awesome including an increased focus on expressive arts and a new home base! 

Click here to explore our 2024–25 school year offering.

What we are not… 

  • Coaching
  • Childcare/babysitting
  • A replacement for brick and mortar school

What sets Fieldschool apart?

The start of an incredible journey

Our Fieldschool learners have a special opportunity: to spend their entire childhood immersed in nature, urban parks and community spaces that support childhood development and meet our high benchmark for wonder, play and character building.

All learners are truly welcome

Fieldschool is not ‘inclusive’ of diverse learning styles and needs… it is designed for them. This is a homeplace for both neurodivergent and neurotypical learners. How do we accomplish this? We adapt everything from the group composition (based on a 1:6 model) to curriculum to who is actually enrolled and focus on relationship first.

Parents = active stakeholders in the experience

Co-shape your child’s educational journey. We share all of our detailed learning plans transparently so that you are 100% in the loop and can provide insights and feedback in real time. Fieldschool is a shared investment between instructors and parents to co-create a unique and life-changing educational experience where your kids are truly seen, heard and believed.

Connected to additional support services (BTT)

Between The Trees (BTT) is an extension of Fieldschool where we offer 1:1 or small-group mentorship services that are custom-designed to meet your learner’s needs. BTT is offered by the same highly qualified instructors who run Fieldschool and is available 12 months per year, 7 days per week. Click here to learn about Between the Trees.