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2019 Workshops

Professional Development for Teachers, Educators and Support Staff

Vancouver Outdoor School offers a variety of engaging and skill-building workshops and programs for teachers, educators, support staff and those interested in developing their skills, techniques, and strategies for interacting with students, both in and outside the classroom. We provide the tools and support for overcoming challenges, so you and your staff can feel more confident in your ability to design, lead and offer learning and life-shaping experiences.

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Which Workshop is Right for You?

Take a look at our top 10 workshops we’ve conducted to get an idea of what would work best for you and your team’s specific interests and needs. If you are unsure which of our workshops to choose, the best way to decide is to get in touch with us.

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Play and Experiential Education

When Peter Rabbit Stepped on Pooh: Connecting Famous Children’s Characters to Place-Based Education

Organized Chaos: Understanding the Importance of Balance 

  • Many of our beloved fictional children’s characters creatively display social-emotional learning opportunities in a simple and relatable way, through their adventures in nature, their simplicity, and friendship.
  • Introduces the fundamentals of place-based education with an emphasis on environmental responsibility and imaginative play.
  • Walk away with simple and low-cost ideas of how you can use place(s) and stories as tools for learning that are engaging and relevant.


  • Increase creativity and resiliency in your workplace through discovering balance, the importance of unstructured play and the concept of ‘work life.’
  • Learn the concept and theory of organized chaos, through fun and motivating activities.
  • Explains the art of imperfection and how to create teachable moments.

The Outside Classrooom: Bringing Back the Fun in Natural Play

Connecting the Dots Between Experiential Learning and Cultural Practices

  • Learn about the expansive “outside” classroom and how to teach kids hands-on learning material through experiential learning techniques, play and sometimes getting a little dirty.
  • You will learn a ton of games, activities, and ideas that are transferable to the home, centre or school.



  • Provides participants with transferable learning tools, play activities and resources for ages 5 and up through interactive and discussion based activities.
  • Schools, community centres, and camps are central to honouring diversity and bringing inclusivity and connectivity to their communities and students.
  • Challenges our paradigms on building a sense of community, and leaves you with tools and perspectives to continually reshape them.

Team Building and Leadership Strategies

Team Building Essentials: Finding the Groove in Managing Teams and Staff

The Universal Team Fixer-Upper: Balls, Duct Tape and Rope

  • Boost productivity, increase employee staff worth and build a stronger team identity using practical, interactive and easy-to-use tools.
  • Examines Tuckman’s Five Stages of Group Development
  • Dives into Five Dysfunctions of a Team, and Five Assets of a Successful Team curriculum developed by Creative Toolbox
  • Goes beyond the basics! Uses creative and empowering measures to help your team build upon the essentials.
  • Experiential activities to increase the fun factor while tying up any of your team’s loose ends.

  • Team building activities that use duct tape, balls and rope as tools and learning devices.
  • Duct DodgeBall, Rope Webs, Duct Tug of War, and much more!


The Fundamentals of Leadership, Mentorship, and the Art of Following: A Jedi Bootcamp for Mangement Staff

Developing the Learner and Facilitator Essentials


  • Learn the fundamentals of corporate leadership and mentorship, through the approachable principles of becoming a Jedi Knight.
  • Informative, yet fun, interactive and meaningful.
  • Teaches core concepts such as leadership styles, and attitudes, roles of followers, and how to craft mentorship within the workplace.
  • Learn the art of facilitation, and the essential tools needed to become a better facilitator and teacher.
  • Clarify the purposes and responsibilities of the learner(s)
  • Organize and make available valuable learning resources for your work setting
  • Discover how to set a positive climate for learning, as well as how to balance intellectual and emotional components of learning.


Tools for Tough Times

Taming Tigers and Slowing Down Tasmanian Devils: The Secrets of Working with Those with Challenging Behaviours

Unplugging the Little Monsters and Reconnecting the Virtues of Childhood Learning

  • Learn and utilize new skills that will bring more balance to a challenging, discouraging environment
  • Put resources such as “The Big R Words” and “HALTS” into your everyday toolkit.
  • Understand the differences between independence, dependence, codependency and interdependent relationships
  • Personal stories and examples of resources that provide perspective of the teacher, student, family and community worker regarding the need for change, challenge and more direct approach to care
  • Examines the current realities and potential directions we are heading in the 21st Century in regards to outdoor and experiential based learning techniques.
  • Provides attendees activities, games, perspectives and resources to support educators/instructors/camp leaders in being back in the driver’s seat.

Between The Trees

Messiness of Play

Walk & Roll: Through the Lens of Disabilities

  • Play is diverse, infinite and natural, but it is so much more than that. It is essential in developing a positive personal identity and connecting with our deeper selves.
  • Experience the fun of playing like if you were a child again.
  • Learn and understand the importance of free playing for children and adults.
  • Get involved in interactive activities where practitioners and educators will simply enjoy play.
  • Think differently about people with disabilities, a paradigm “experiential” shift and who we need to create more inclusive communities
  • Through the use of props and other equipment, we will simulate the challenges of living with different disabilities, ranging from physical to cognitive.
  • Be part of games, activities and discussions that will enhance your learning and understanding or programming people with disability.

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