Personal & Professional Development

Vancouver Outdoor School offers a variety of engaging, skill-building workshops to enhance your outdoor and experiential education skills. Our workshops are hands-on, fun and engaging, and designed to develop confidence and a sense of play and wonder.

Let us take the mystery out of outdoor education, and help you build both skills and confidence in your ability to design, lead and offer amazing experiential education experiences, too!


Secrets of Magic

Nonsensical play & rediscovering the WILD within! 

Nonsensical play? Sound like nonsense? Unstructured play is important for people of all ages. Free play can strengthen our physical, cognitive and emotional skills.

This workshop will focus on the importance of play and how to weave free play into education by using our senses. By feeling, smelling, hearing, tasting and listening our world becomes a playground once again.


Nature’s Essential heART

Connecting children’s creativity with nature through school-based art projects

Everyone is an artist. This workshop is all about honouring, rediscovering (or deepening) and expressing the artist that lives within you.

Come and get radical and make a piece of art that invokes some quiet in the noisiness of life. Based on the concept of Earth art, we will show you how to weave this practice into your classroom, workplace or any space!


When Peter Rabbit Stepped on Pooh

Connecting Famous Children’s Characters to Place-Based Education

Every place has a story – in the city, the schoolyard, the forest or your backyard!  This workshop will introduce the fundamentals of place-based education through favourite storybook characters.

You will walk away with some simple and low cost ideas of how you can use place as a tool for learning that is engaging and relevant.

Which Workshop Should I Choose?

If you are unsure which of our workshops to choose, the best way to decide is to get in touch with us. We can chat about your specific interests and needs, and find the program that will work for you and those you serve.

We may also be able to design a customized experience for yourself or your staff, that will fit your specific needs.