Vancouver Outdoor School Weekend Parkour Club 2020

Parkour demonstrates the ability of individuals to manage risks and interact with their environment in a way that is both skillful and creative. – David Ball, Professor of Risk Management at Middlesex University



Parkour is the art of moving one’s body from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible. While experienced practitioners may perform impressive leaps and dives, parkour is built on a foundation of responsibility, risk management, and personal awareness. Practicing this discipline is an excellent way for young learners to gain balance, confidence and a practical approach to managing risk while having fun and getting great exercise.

Join Olivier and Finn, two experienced parkour practitioners with years of experience safely guiding youth through the ins and outs of this incredible, popular discipline. 


Includes: VOS instructor, liability insurance, prep, props and follow up debrief notes 

Dates: Oct 24, 31 | Nov 7, 14, 21, 28 | Dec 5, 12

Days: Saturdays 10am – 12pm

Fees: $35 per person per Saturday or $240.00 for eight Saturdays

Location: Terra Nova Adventure Park, Richmond

Instructors: Finn Cubitt, Olivier Leclerc


Improve Self-Confidence

Parkour is a creative form of self-expression, allowing practitioners to show their personalities and unique styles through movement. Their body awareness and self-expression will be amplified and it helps them to build the ability to control fears through a strong connection between mind and body. This practice of Parkour has a positive impact on their confidence, and in the long term, this will help practitioners to more willing to try new things and to have more freedom from social anxiety.


Critical Thinking and Safety Management

Parkour is a healthy exercise for both mind & body. With the concept of progression in mind when learning, practitioners will practice many techniques such as vaulting, jumping, climbing, aerial and landing that require critical judgement. “Is it safe to proceed?” and “How can I practice this safely?” are the questions that practitioners will be urged to ask themselves. These benefits of Parkour will tremendously help them in decision-making to achieve goals in life.

Practicing Parkour Safely

Parkour is built on a foundation of responsibility, with the goal of longevity and injury prevention. Before running free, it is important that each practitioner has a grasp of safe movement at its most basic level.

  • Warm-up techniques to prepare the body for explosive movements
  • Jumping, landing, and falling safely to protect joints and sensitive areas
  • Basic parkour movements, including two-footed (plyometric) jumps, rolls, and vaults