What We Offer:

1 Day: Outdoor Learning Adventures
Can either be held in your school (school property or classroom) or within your community (urban parks, forested areas).

2 Nights/3 Days: Outdoor Camps
(We’re talking some of THE best locations BC has to offer: Whistler, Galiano, Golden Ears, Halkett Bay, Sunshine Coast, and more!)

If you don’t have an established outdoor experiential education program at your school, we are here to help! We can connect your core competencies with a guided outdoor experience while offering a FUN one-day or multi-day adventure for your students. 

Keep in mind that the information below is a starting point – we also tailer and design personalized experiences for your individual needs, interests and schedule. 


Vancouver Outdoor School strives to bring valuable and meaningful leadership and outdoor-skills training to all of our students. Our consistent approach, facilitated by our skilled instructors, encourages thoughtful discussion and positive self-reflection.

Why Choose Us for Your Next Learning Adventure?

  • We are about building longstanding and meaningful relationships with your students, staff and school community. 
  • We adjust our program to best suit your students learning, in collaboration with the teacher.
  • Our staff are certified teachers, skilled outdoor educators, or aspiring teachers. We hire the best, and bring our best. 
  • We have the equipment, staffing and experience to serve up to 75 students at a time. 
  • We are flexible, fun, and 100% experiential.
  • We can go anywhere! You pick: your school, local urban park, or a nearby lake or forested area.
  • We work within multiple lens or frameworks. This means that we are NOT a one-dimensional type of education service. We take into account the students’ age, level of interest and comfort, cultural background, and the core competencies that are in place at your institution. 


 Choose us for your next field trip! Here are a number of examples that you can choose as part of the day. 

1.     Natural Play –  environmental, nature-based activities that are educational and fun for students to be active and interactive with themselves and with the environment around them. 100% interactive and playing.

2.     Junior Outdoor Skills– learning and using essential outdoor gear, building earth shelters, ropes & knots, survival tips. 100% hands-on activities.

3.     First Peoples of BC – acknowledgments and welcoming, the significance of oral storytelling, blanket exercise (understanding the impact of colonialism and the importance of reconciliation and) and numerous Indigenous games. 100% discussion-based activities.

4.     Forest Cuisine – basics of cooking in the woods, knife skills, basics of food safe, how to use various camp stoves and nutritional tips Students prepare their meal and enjoy chomping down on their creation. 100% hands-on.

5.     Green Gorilla – learning the simple steps of reducing their ecological footprint while working on various projects such as seed bombs, making all natural environmental cleaners, homemade toothpaste and more.  100% all natural and hands- on.

6.     Outdoor Pursuits – learning various low element challenge activities such as spider web (group work challenge), electric fence (team building activity), fort and/or raft building and tree and plant identification.


** can be modified to fit your schedule, needs, wants, and interests ** 

9:00 am –   Arrival and Introduction
9:20 am –   Welcome & Indigenous Acknowledgement
9:45 am –   Team Building Activities (experiential based games to support students with getting comfortable and focused on learning outdoor education). 
10:45 am – Snack
11:00 am – Learning Station (i.e. Green Gorilla, Natural Play, Forest Cuisine)
12:30 pm – Lunch
1:00 pm –   Group Activity (super fun and engaging)
2:15 pm –   Debrief
2:30 pm –   Departure

We also offer specialized day adventures, if you would prefer to focus on one activity!

Cook It

Wilderness cuisine workshop for students, where they participant in making healthy snacks or meals over the fire or stove, learn knife skills and the basics of healthy eating and nutrition from our resident Nutritionist.

Bike It

We organize a half or full-day bike adventure in Metro Vancouver, including a tour of organic farms in Richmond or spending the on Galiano Island.

Canoe It

Canoe school includes instruction, certification, canoes, paddles, safety gear. Option to do a two-day program.  

Hike It

We have many hikes we love to take students on. We handle the organizing, cover the risk management, and support students working together to enjoy the incredible trails!

2 Nights, 3 Days Trips

Sample Trips: 

Whistler Wilderness Gourmet – Outdoor Experiential Education in Whistler at Fireside Lodge. Focus is wilderness gourmet cooking for kids, hiking, canoeing/paddle boarding, Lil’ wat Cultural Centre, wilderness craft and more!

Galiano Island – A bike tour, tent camping, wilderness and backcountry training, A focus on exploring Galiano by bike and introduction to outdoor skills.
Gambier Island Leadership Camp – Stay at Halkett Bay Provincial Park focused on canoe out tripping, exploring Howe Sound, leadership skill training and more. *4-day trip*
Sunshine Coast Camp -Stay at Porpoise Bay Provincial Park (tent camping) with a focus on learning about Sechelt Nation, ocean canoe lessons, introduction to outdoor skills and more. 


Benefits of Nature-Based Programming for your Students:

  • Fostering curiosity an openness about other cultures, languages and traditions
  • Increased confidence and self-efficacy
  • Improved emotional and physical health
  • Improved peer-relationship building
  • Increased sense of independence and leadership potential
  • Improved social and life skills
  • Positive identity/authenticity
  • Improved cognitive health/skills
  • Increased positive decision-making
  • An ability to self-reflect and be self-propelled
  • Increased environmental awareness, including climate change
  • Ability to lower stress and moodiness
  • Meaningful opportunities for positive risk-taking
  • Increased sense of creativity