Choose from our customizable one-day courses, one of our unique overnight camps and Grad Retreats.

If you don’t have an established outdoor experiential education program at your school, we are here to help! We can connect your core competencies with a guided outdoor experience while offering a fun and unique day adventure for your students. Keep in mind that the information below is a starting point – we also tailer and design personalized experiences for your individual needs, interests and schedule.
Vancouver Outdoor School strives to bring valuable and meaningful leadership and outdoor-skills training to all of our students. Our consistent approach, facilitated by our skilled instructors, encourages thoughtful discussion and positive self-reflection.

“Childhood means simplicity. Look at the world with the child’s eye – it is very beautiful.”

– Kailash Satyarthi


Attention Teachers:

When kids go to outdoor school, they develop a sense of independence, new skills and friends while unplugging from their digital and urban world to connect with nature and simply to have fun. That is to say, students leave the four walls turning places into “forest classrooms” that
allow the students to grow in an integral way.

Outdoor activities are not only a fundamental element for the enjoyment of childhood, but also, they teach children skills crucial to life such as problem solving, teamwork and creativity. It is incredible that this not only provides the aforementioned points, but also gives them the possibility of developing their psychomotricity in a natural way, reducing stress and improving their health.

Vancouver Outdoor School operates a local and nature-based outdoor school for students in grades 3 to 12. Our overnight camps and day program are designed to provide the perfect mix of fostering children’s social-emotional learning, skill-based training, gourmet cooking lessons and immersion in the local beautiful wilderness. Imagine your students swimming, preparing a fabulous dinner, hiking, exploring, dancing, building, creating, dreaming, laughing and just enjoying the precious moments of being a kid at their favourite outdoor school. It’s a kodak moment this spring and fall.

One-Day Program

 Choose us for your next field trip! Here are a number of examples that you can choose: 

  • Canoe School  a fun, interactive day for children out on the water. We provide canoes, all safety equipment, and the option of Certification Lessons (Level 1-4). Canoe school is all about helping your students develop skills and confidence, while working together in a team setting.

  • Natural Play – environmental, nature-based activities that are educational, active and fun for students, while engaging with each other and the environment around them. 100% interactive and playing.

  • First Peoples of BC – acknowledgments and welcoming, the significance of oral storytelling, blanket exercise (understanding the impact of colonialism and the importance of reconciliation) and numerous Indigenous games. 100% discussion-based activities.


  • Forest Cuisine – basics of cooking in the woods, cutting skills, basics of food safety, how to use various camp stoves and nutritional tips. Students prepare their meal and will enjoy chomping down on their creation. 100% hands-on.


  • Green Gorillalearning the simple steps of reducing their ecological footprint while working on various projects such as seed balls, making all natural environmental cleaners, homemade toothpaste and more! 100% all natural and hands-on.


  • Climate Change Action Art Projects – learning about the impacts and causes of climate change by students (grade appropriate) expressing hope, concern and ideas through various forms creative outlets and art installation. 

Sample Day

9:00 am   –     Arrival and Introduction
9:20 am   –     Welcome & Indigenous Acknowledgement
9:45 am   –     Team Building Activities
10:45 am  –     Snack
11:00 am   –     Learning Station (i.e. Green Gorilla, Outdoor Quests, Forest Cuisine)
12:30 pm  –     Lunch
1:00 pm    –     Group Activity (super fun and engaging)
2:15 pm     –     Debrief
2:30 pm    –     Departure

*can be modified to fit your schedule,  needs, and interests.

Overnight Camps

Whistler Mountain Gourmet OEE

A three-day wilderness camp in Whistler at a beautiful ski lodge nestled in the woods, with a focus on preparing and chowing down on healthy, delicious food!

An unforgettable camp experience with the best of food, forest, and fun — all at an overnight camp!

Activities include professional cooking lessons, wilderness pursuits, canoeing lessons, outdoor skills, First People’s learning workshops, and more! Join us!

More Info

Dates (2 nights/3 days)

April/May/June/September/October 2019

Ages: grades 3-12

Rate:  $285 – $235 per student

Includes: Beautiful ski lodge ccommodation, camper 24/7 instruction, meals and supervision, t-shirt, gourmet cooking, canoeing lessons, and more!

Location: Fireside Lodge (Whistler Campus), Whistler BC

Forest Camps

An overnight camp experience for teachers wanting an experience immersed in the forest, students sleeping in tents and truly a having a direct learning experience in nature.

Our school-based overnight camps are located in Golden Ears, Narin Falls, Porpoise Bay and Halkett Provincial Parks.

Activities include hiking, canoeing, forest foraging, Leave No Trace skills, climate change action planning & wilderness skills.

More Info

Dates: (2 Nights/3 Days)

May/June/September 2019

Ages: grade 3-12

Rate: $275 – $245 per student

Includes: Tent accommodation, 24/7 instruction and supervision, t-shirt, food, and canoeing & paddle boarding lessons.

Location:  Galiano Island, BC

Whistler Grad Retreats

Like you, we believe Grade 7 graduation is a special time and passage of life in a young person’s life. What a better place to celebrate such an important event than in the astonish landscape of Whistler where the students can enjoy an unforgettable time with their friends, teachers and leaders.
We are ready to roll as we wanted to offer a safe, comfortable and fun outdoor style retreat weekend in Whistler. Grade 7 Graduation Whistler Weekend Retreat is being held at Fireside Lodge, Whistler. It is led by Vancouver Outdoor School and Fireside Adventures.

Activities include partaking in a gourmet cooking workshop, Grade 7 Bonkers Relay, Race (Sunday), outdoor activities, team building games, karaoke challenge, Whistler photo scavenger hunt, a visit to the Lil’Wat Cultural Centre, Grad Final Campfire & Party, the Oh la la Grad Seven and much more.

Forever Young is the theme and a time to celebrate.


More Info

Dates (2 nights/3 days)

Ages: Grade 7 th

Rate:  $349.00 CDN plus GST

Includes: Accommodation/ Transportation/ Food

Location: Whistler

Galiano Island Discovery 

A three-day wilderness camp for kids wanting to explore, discover and play in the ocean and forests of beautiful Galiano Island.

Children will get the opportunity to sleep in tents, learn about campfire cooking, and backcountry awareness, all while having a traditional OEE experience.

Activities include hiking, paddle boarding, environmental education & wilderness skills. Option to incorporate bike touring around Galiano Island. 

More Info

Dates: (2 Nights/3 Days)

May/June/September 2019
Ages: grade 3-12

Rate: $275 – $245 per student

Includes: Ferry fee, tent accommodation, 24/7 instruction and supervision, t-shirt, food, and paddle boarding lessons.

Location:  Galiano Island, BC

Why Choose Us?

  • We are all about building longstanding and meaningful relationships with your students, staff and school community.
  • We adjust our program to best suit your students learning, in collaboration with the teacher.
  • Our staff are certified teachers, skilled outdoor educators, or aspiring teachers. We hire the best, and bring our best.
  • We have the equipment, staffing and experience to serve up to 75 students at a time.
  • We are flexible, fun, and 100% experiential.
  • We can go anywhere! You pick: your school, local urban park, or a nearby lake or forested area.
  • We work within multiple lens or frameworks. This means that we are NOT a one-dimensional type of education service. We take into account the students’ age, level of interest and comfort, cultural background, and the core competencies that are in place at your institution.