Welcome to Vancouver’s
Field School Program

A 100% outdoor educational program perfect for primary and intermediate learners who have lots of energy, creativity, and frankly don’t quite fit “brick and mortar” schooling.

We are experiential educators who guarantee our learners 21+ hours per week to roam and explore. Meanwhile, we work alongside certified partners to ensure all social, emotional, academic and BC Curriculum needs are met.

What is the
Field School

We Make “What Did You Do Today?” Easy

We keep families in the loop throughout the day via photos and updates in our WhatsApp group. Parents and kids both love sitting down in the evening, going through the photos and letting the stories flow!

Experiential and Inquiry-Based

We are not a day camp, babysitter, or a substitute for a traditional school. We are experiential educators with a strong connection to elementary school curriculum, early childhood education, and First Peoples Principles of Learning. By immersing our learners in nature and outdoor skill training, their world becomes an endless classroom of opportunities.

Our Parents Are In This Together

Field School is a community for parents, not just kids. Our learning is designed in collaboration with our Parent Advisors, who interview new families and ensure that all Field School parents/guardians are connected and supported.

From Leanne, who joined us while homeschooling her children: “I feel supported, excited about their childhood, relieved that I don’t have to do this alone and grateful to be part of a community that wants the same for their children. I feel like I’ve won the jackpot!”

We Ditch the Crowds

Our classroom knows no limits. With our dynamic schedule and shuttle vans, we are free to choose the best locations for our learning – whether that means quiet, awe-inspiring, or the perfect spot for puddle jumping. We also offer overnight trips as part of our regular Field School programming. Check out our partners: Millard Learning Centre (Galiano Island) and Camp Squeah (Hope).

Inclusive and Flexible

We meet kids where they are at. This means that our classroom changes to suit the learner, not the other way around! Every part of our program is designed to foster resilience, teamwork, and positive personal identity. We find that when kids have the outdoor space they need, they naturally become more relaxed, accepting and inclusive. And for learners needing additional behavioural support, we are partnered with Nenno Behavioural Consulting (learn more below).

But Don't Just Take Our Word...

Field School is the village that modern-day life has lost. A place where children get to be children, where the full spectrum of their needs are met (not just the academic ones) and where parents feel fully supported and integrated into the learning process.

I wholeheartedly believe that this is what every child deserves. They are seen for who they are and they connect learning with nature and the real world while completing their academics and acquiring leadership skills at the same time.

Vancouver Outdoor School is truly a magical place for every child.”

Jane Stark, VOS Parent

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Unlearn to Relearn

“Our Field School model is absolutely unique in Canada thanks to our fully natural approach to experiential learning, community building and adventure.

We are co-shifting the landscape of education, so we totally understand how big of a shift Field School can be for families. We get how it feels to be scared, yet really excited at the same time! Rest assured that we work with you, our parents as they Unlearn to Relearn.

You’ll hear the word readiness quite a bit from us in the beginning. Experiential learning is fluid, adaptive and requires time and participant(s) focus. Like any adventure – we need everyone on the same page and ready while recognizing those who may require more time and support to get there.”

Jeff Willis, Owner

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Our Partners

The role of Field School is to provide an inclusive, supportive and transformative outdoor learning environment.

To create convenient access to Ministry of Education-approved curriculum and advanced family support, we work closely with Kleos Open Learning and Nenno Behavioural Consulting so that they are familiar with our Field School model and ready to work around it. We also vouch for their services as they are in line with our overall approach to education.

For your learner to meet Ministry of Education requirements, you must join a Distributed Learning provider (DL). We recommend Kleos Open Learning, as we collaborate with them to ensure that our Field School outdoor learning experiences sync with your child’s educational requirements.

To learn more, see our Field School FAQ page.

Or, watch our ‘open house’ info
session for parents with Kleos:

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Password: A4hQ8#OL

Kleos Open Learning

“Kleos Open Learning is a K-12 Online School that specializes in meeting learners where they are at. We believe that every child is one-of-a-kind, not one of many. This core belief shapes our learning community and philosophy of education. Kleos is fully certified by the Ministry of Education in BC.”

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Nenno Behavioural Consulting

“We work with children, youth, and their families and caregivers to help develop the functional, emotional, and social skills they need to thrive. We specialize in helping address a variety of behavioural challenges that may be affecting personal growth and connection to each other and the community. This is done through our services: Parent coaching with a consultant and 1:1 sessions with the child and their mentor (behaviour interventionist).”

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Primary Field School (K-3)

Our outdoor experiential classroom is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, where education is driven by wonder. 

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Intermediate Field School (Grades 4-7)

An outdoor, out-of-the-box solution for families exploring education through a homeschooling lens.

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Vancouver Outdoor School’s Belief Statements

We believe learning needs to be flexible, intentional, student-centred and inspiring.

We believe you are never too young to be a steward of the earth, and a responsible citizen. Whether this means picking up litter or performing random acts of kindness, we fuel our learning days with caring.

We believe kids, families and adults should play, learn, and explore in the outdoors, while learning to respect each other and the world.

We believe we are all connected spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally.

We believe you have an entire lifetime to be an adult and a short time to be a kid. That’s why we strive to provide kids (and adults, too!) with the ultimate “kid experience!”

We believe Indigenous people have a rightful title to the land and to their culture. We also believe we have much to learn from Indigenous people, and their thousands of years of teaching and sharing experience.