“Local is Global With Outdoor Youth Leadership

World Bound Youth Leadership Camp

World Bound is a 21-day co-ed youth leadership camp for 14-18 year-olds.

Set in some of the most incredible locations in BC and Yukon, World Bound is an exciting and challenging experience for those seeking advanced outdoor youth leadership training.

A partnership between Vancouver Outdoor School and Fireside Adventures, World Bound strives to be the best outdoor youth leadership training camp in BC and Yukon.

Participating youth campers will achieve a VOS/Fireside World Bound leadership certification, be supported by multilingual leadership instructors (Spanish, English, French), while furthering their global and cultural awareness.


Fireside Adventures and Vancouver Outdoor School strive to bring valuable and meaningful leadership and outdoor-skills training to all our leadership campers. Our consistent approach, facilitated by our skilled instructors, encourages thoughtful discussion and positive self-reflection.

Core World Bound Leadership Elements:

  •  Learning leadership styles and skills

  • Language and cultural immersion

  • Alpine and trail hiking

  • River canoeing (12 days on the Yukon River)

  • Connections with Indigenous and international cultures and food

  • Exploration of the famous gold rush town, Dawson City

  • Post-secondary planning and preparation, life and social competencies training

  • Imagine if… you could unplug and relax …..Life. Be. Adventure.

World Bound youth leadership camp focuses on the following:

  • Advance training for river canoe trips, backcountry expeditions, and international travelling
  • Advance training in outdoor youth leadership
  • Connection to Canadian and international youth, languages and cultures
  • Visiting known and newfound places considered to be among BC and Yukon’s best kept secrets and outstanding locations)
  • Skill development with outdoor recreational activities (i.e. orienteering, cross cultural competencies, canoeing, hiking)
  • Leadership principles regarding cultural and traditional practices of Indigenous and International peoples
  • World Bound Leadership Highlights
  • BC youth leadership highlights
  • Connecting with like minded youth from across the globe
  • A multi-day expedition paddling down the world-famous Yukon River while visiting some of Canada’s famous Yukon Klondike Gold Rush locations.
  • Hike the incredible trails of Whistler, Garibaldi Lake, and the famous Wedgemount Peak
  • Enjoy gourmet wilderness cooking, yoga in the woods, and endless sunsets
  • Visit a minimum of 4 universities
  • Day trips to Victoria, Whitehorse and Vancouver – get to be a tourist while at camp
  • Sleep under the stars in some of BC and Yukon’s wilderness areas. There is a chance of witnessing the northern lights of the Yukon
  • Experience the beauty of Whistler Village, the famous landmarks, and beaches of Vancouver
  • Learn the basics of front and backcountry camping, river canoeing, orienteering, alpine hiking, and more!
  • Partake in our supportive group and individual workshops pertaining to post secondary prep, mental wellness, career visioning and healthy choices. All through our “coaching and listening” approach of instruction.
  • Be supported by experienced and skilled instructors who will provide 24-hour-a-day supervision for the entirety of the program
  • Participate in a half day community project
  • Receive a letter of reference for post secondary applications and/or employment

The Extra World Bound Benefit

We are open to connecting with a youth’s school to pass along our course overview and answer the school’s questions directly. Some schools give credit for their students participating on a Fireside Adventure/VOS program and this could be an option for a participating youth. We will also support any youth enrolled with the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in achieving their level.


Why Should I Do This?

Nature-based camps provide the following positive benefits:

  • Fostering curiosity an openness about other cultures, languages and traditions
  • Increased confidence and self-efficacy
  • Improved emotional and physical health
  • Improved peer-relationship building
  • Increased sense of independence and leadership potential
  • Improved social and life skills
  • Positive identity/authenticity
  • Improved cognitive health/skills
  • Increased positive decision-making
  • An ability to self-reflect and be self-propelled
  • Increased environmental awareness, including climate change
  • Ability to lower stress and moodiness
  • Meaningful opportunities for positive risk-taking
  • Increased sense of creativity

Camp/Expedition Food

A well-nourished body makes a significant impact on a person’s experience in times of physical and/or mental exertion. Participants will learn how to pack for and prepare meals on extended backcountry trips, while cooking in a “wilderness” kitchen. While on trip we will nourish our bodies with healthy and holistic foods suited to all diets.

Fitness Capacities

If you are concerned about your physical readiness to attend one of our programs, please contact us directly. We modify our experiences based on people’s abilities and capacities. Relax and let us work together to make an informed and shared decision.

Camp/Expedition Safety

Regardless of your comfort and outdoor skill level, it is safer to travel in a group and it is much safer to have guides supporting you. Our team puts a lot of effort into planning, preparing and, most importantly, teaching you how to be safe in the wilderness.

Mental Wellness and Critical Thinking

This year we are also providing support and training in youth mental wellness, physical fitness, social and life skills, and developing critical thinking as they are very relevant for today’s youth.  We are excited to be providing a larger focus on teaching wilderness cuisine “cooking in the woods” as a core skill for youth to develop while on their expedition.